Intermediate Binance Verified Account

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Buy your fresh Binance Futures enabled accounts. These accounts enable a crypto trader to trade crypto currencies. The accounts are registered in The Philipinnes to real persons. You will be given full access. After ordering, we will provide you with your account details within 72 hours.

Over 50+ order succesfully processed!

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We are Veritura are the first and only serious provider of fresh and legit Binance Futures enabled accounts. These accounts enable a crypto trader to trade crypto currencies. The accounts are registered in The Philipinnes, to which you will be given full access. We are in contact with the person who verified the accounts.

Read our How does it work section to find out exactly what you’ll be receiving after ordering.

Why choose us?

  1. We provide a money back guarantee
  2. Our method of setting up accounts has been working stable since inception
  3. We use it ourselves too!
  4. No user details from your side required – 100% anonymous
  5. 100% Safe – Tested with Binance!


Q: How should I login to the account?

A: Your account will be registered in the Philipinnes under a Philipinne name an address. You will not be able to see nor edit these details.

As the Philipinnes only offer slow and expensive VPN and VPS, we recommend you enter your account using a Japanese VPS. You will be provided with instructions to obtain a free Japanese IP when we deliver your order.


Q: My account is not working as intended (Wrong details / No access to futures / …)

A: You can either get your money back, or we will provide you with a new account. Up to date we haven’t had any issues with our service. Still , we provide a money back guarantee if your account isn’t activated or accessible up to 7 days after the sale. Make sure you log in using the provided instructions to avoid any issues. Do not login from an country IP to which Binance doesn’t offer futures.


Q: How many accounts can I order?

A: We process each order manually upon request. That is why we need up to 72 hours. If you order more than 10 accounts at once, we will work as hard as we can, but your order might be processed in batches. We will keep you updated at all times!


Q: Can you create an account using a custom email address?

A: No. We create accounts using our own e-mail address to avoid delays during set up, as we’ll need to verify Binance registration through the e-mail address various times.

You can simply edit the email address of the account after account creation though!


Q: Which payments are supported?

A: We support payments through BEP20 and ERC20, so both major networks. You can pay using ETH, USDC, BTC, BNB, LUNA, UST or Zcash.


Q: Am I at risk of losing my account by the original account holder?

A: Don’t worry. We are in contact with all our people who are owning the accounts. As they do not have access to the e-mail, 2FA, account and anything related, they are unable to ‘take back’ the account. Also, Binance has stated to us that, even if we would share the account id, without email, 2fa nor password, Binance cannot give us the login to an account.


Q: Do I need to provide an address or other details?

A: No. We will process all details, aside from the payment and your email to send the order details to, we do not require other details.


Q: I have another question which isn’t listed, what should I do?

A: Just Contact us!


3 reviews for Intermediate Binance Verified Account

  1. christoff

    SO glad this service exists! I’ve received my three accounts after 2 days, danke

  2. BestTraderEvah

    Funktioniert prima

  3. durge418

    I bought my first account here three weeks ago, I decided to wait with posting a review as I wasn’t sure this would actually work.
    Anyway, it does work flawlessly.

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