Here are the most questions we get on Veritura

Q: Can i pay with Bitcoin through BEP20 network?

A: Yes our ETH, BTC, USDC, and BNB support both ERC 20 as well as the BEP 20 network.

Q: Why do I need to fill up my Address since this should be anonymous

A: You can put a dummy address and phone. We only need your name and your email as we will send info on your order on it.

Q: I have paid, where is my order?

A: Can I ask for Transaction/Txn Hash so I can check on the backend if we got your payment.

What is Txn Hash?
This is what Txn Hash mean – What is a Transaction Hash .

I need this one Imgur

Q: Can I pay with Paypal?

A: No, we do not accept Paypal. You should always be able to pay in crypto, as you buy a crypto trading account. If you cannot, you should use a conversion service, like: localbitcoins.com or another service.

Q: Any question related to specific bots / procedures for bots:

A: Unfortunately, we cannot help you with the setup of a specific bot. We just provide the account for you, which is able to trade Futures. If you need specific help regarding a bot, please contact the bot author.

Q: But for login for account from another place not near Vietnam, is that unsecure to account?

A: We will provide you instructions on how to log in to the account without issues. We will provide a free solution. However, it’s recommended you use a VPS (you can buy as low as $ 15 with RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) (free) for maximum security.

Q: Before I buy, just curious how 2FA work? Doesn’t you need a phone number to use 2FA?

A: If you don’t order Enable Futures and API, then 2FA won’t be included.

However, if you do, we give you access to a website that you can see your 2FA. The site would look like this GAuth
We do keep the 2FA for more than 1 week.

So once you get a hold of your account, we suggest you set the 2FA on your phone.

Q: If I were to put 2FA on my created account, would it still work on my phone even if it phone number country outside of Philippines?

A: Yes, it would work. As the 2FA we used is not even in the Philippines either.

Q:If I need enable feature but ive been check out the ordinary account

A: Login and kindly order again, as usual, add extra at the end of the page.
On the last page of the cart please delete this
So you end up only paying $19 for the Extra Option which enables futures and API.

Q: Can your team create verified FTX accounts also, or only Binance?

A: We only offer Intermediate Verified Binance Account. We also do Enable Futures and API on Binance for additional payment.

Q: What guarantee do you have that the Binance accounts won’t get flagged and funds locked up? I trade with high amounts.

A: We don’t offer guarantees as we don’t control what Binance would do with the account.

However, our Boss uses these same accounts we create. and like you, he trades with high amounts too. So far, he doesn’t have a problem with the accounts we created.
We also provide a 7-day money-back guarantee if for whatever reason account has issues. So far we haven’t had a single issue since our start.

Q: Are the people who’s information you use to verify aware that their info is being used on Binance?

A: Yes… we let them know exactly, that the account they verified will be used by another person, hence they are compensated with the account creation.

Q: I placed my order on your site, however I preferred to pay usdt, since you don’t have an option for usdt, I choose usdc.

A: USDT or USDC is both accepted, ERC20 and BEP20 addresses are identical.

Q: How do I get the login codes and everything for my finance account?

A: If you did not order Enable Futures and API, then you don’t have 2FA. You can log in to the codes thru the given email using Email Login: gmx.com or mail.com

Q: Should I use VPN or VPS? Which is better?

A: We prefer you use VPS as this holds same computer and IP always. If you use VPN, then make sure the IP is static (ip address does not change everyday).

Q: What country IP should I buy on VPS?

Buy a VPS in Japan to login to the account in the future using a Remote Desktop Client.
There are many provider of Japanese VPS, for example: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=vps+rdp+japan

We are not responsible for the fact that you might face issues if you will not use this solution, we strongly recommend you follow this procedure. Logging in from your home IP outside Japan or The Philipinnes can be a big risk.

Q: I ordered one , Can i now change my email address from the account I bought ?

Yes, you can change the email address and password .


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